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Guys, the blog is officialy inactive.

I'm NOT saying I'm off sims, or that I'm not creating anymore (as a lot of you asked me when I said I decided to take a pause..), just moving to a new page.
Well, actually it is not new, as you already know my tumblr, Jewelsnsims

To all of you who still don't know about it, Jewelsnsims is my simblr name, and the one I'll keep, so STACHE SIMS will still be here but not active..

The reasons are kindda simple, I just can't cope with Tumblr/Blogger/Facebook at the same time while University and all this crazy stuff. And as I dont think it is needed anymore, just bye bye to it ;)

Just wanted to ask all the amazing pages that support us and share our content, link from this moment to our tumblr page, not to STACHE SIMS anymore. It would be really helpful (ɔ^3(^⌣^c)♥

To all the fans and followers, a massive thank you for all the support and comments from all this time, I love you so much and just can't give you           (ʃƪ ˘ 3˘)
and to all the people who still don't know us or are new on the community, support us please!

I'm not gonna take much long, just all those things you've just read and don't forget to send me a message or a fanmail if you need to say something + I enabled submissions so :3

See you soon at Jewelsnsims!

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