Happy Valentine's Day !


Welcome back everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!
The page is opened again as you can see, with a new design, new cover pics, etc !

Well, first I have to explain some things:

Every single old post has a new cover pic. May not be the same model/style. *
I deleted some stuff, some because I'll remake them and other because they were broken or had some problem. *
Hopefully, the 'Sims 2 Section' will be opened this month. *
I remade the poster of the Chanel Earrings , as it is the most downloaded thing in the blog and the poster was cheap. *
Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU for over 174000 visits / +630 followers in Tumblr. I adore you ♥(^⌣^ԅ) *

So I really hope you like the new changes and that you have an amazing day x

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