I've decided to give the blog new fresh air, so I've changed some things.

· I've created a new logo for the blog, you can see it up here

· I've changed all the little staches download's button :)

· A new background, not any Gaga's, just some staches flying lol

· I've organized all the content in categories so that it's easier for you to find

· The Biggest New ! I've started creating for sims 2 ! I know people is now more on a Sims3 mood,
but I decided to try :) I really hope you like what's coming ^^

· Poses section coming soon too! There's a preview if you click the Poses tab :D

So I think that's all !
I know I'm not posting anything these days, but it's because I'm having finals very soon and i'm practising Sims2.

I have to tell you that I've had a PC virus a week ago, so I've lost a lot of content :(
But I'll try to recover all the things I can.

Well, just tell me what you think, if I should change something or just if you like the news !

Hope you like everything xx

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